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Rules & Announcement

This group is created for familial caregivers

i.e. parents, relatives, siblings of persons with ASD.


We welcome all who have genuine love and interest in contributing to the community and bettering the lives of all. This platform is created for the sole purpose of creating a loving and strong community that supports one another for both online and offline purposes.



  • Be kind and respectful. We may have different parenting methods and disagreements but please voice out your opinions in a tactful manner. 

  • Engage and support one another. Be sure to offer suggestions and help one another out, this group is formed for everyone feel included. We are fighting this together!

  • In doubt? Feel free to ask questions that others may have as well!

  • Please refrain from talking about touchy and sensitive topics that tend to cause arguments.

  • Do not spam and advertise for your self-interest or promotion. No promotion of products you sell, company you represent, business or shops you own should be posted here.

  • There should not be posts asking for donations or money of any sort, including fundraiser events/fundraising for a charity, etc.

Great Day Out | April 2018



Health Promotion Board Auditorium (level 7),

HPB 3 Second Hospital Ave S 168937 (within SGH)

Date : 21 April 2018, Sat

Time : 9am-6pm

Fee: 20SGD

Join us for a talk by Autism Expert Doctor Partington!