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Moderator YT
Oct 12, 2017

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Here goes all the newest news regarding job opportunities for persons with autism

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  • Katelyn01
    Feb 12, 2018

    My son is about to finish school he is really good at doing things with his hands. Wondering if there are any craft training centres for child with autism. Thanks!
  • Moderator YT
    Oct 12, 2017

    Government initiatives: Enabling Village - SG Enable A space dedicated to the persons with special needs in Singapore. Home to Empowerment through Employment, SG Enable’s information and career centre, this initiative works with voluntary welfare organisations such as Autism Resource Centre, MINDS and SPD to provide career counsel, medical assessment and job matching services to jobseekers with disabilities and their caregivers. Find out more here: https://enablingvillage.sg/the-enabling-village/ Disability Employment Portal - SG Enable Career resource portal the offers resources to students, job seekers, employers and training providers Find out more here: http://employment.sgenable.sg Community-driven initiative: Achieving Higher Employability through Adapted Development (AHEAD) - Trampolene, supported by SG Enable A community-driven initiative led by Trampolene, an independent non-profit A*STAR spin-off organisation, AHEAD is a development programme that builds and develops the technical, social and executive functional skills of persons with autism. Through early exposure to the workforce in secondary schools, internships in Polytechnics, ITEs and Universities, AHEAD hopes to eventually place persons with autism in the workforce through advanced training and continuous on-the-job support. Find out more here: https://trampolene.org Companies & Social enterprises that employ persons with disabilities (non-exhaustive): MINDS Social Enterprise Units - Find out more here: https://www.se.minds.org.sg/about-us & http://www.minds.org.sg/Enterprise.html Professor Brawn Cafe (F&B) Noodles For Good (F&B; by Sichuan Douhua & Pathlight) Flour Power (Bakery) Adrenalin Events and Education (Events company) Personalised Love (Crafts) Mustard Tree (Crafts) UOB Scan Hub Uniqlo SIA Starbucks
  • Moderator YT
    Oct 12, 2017

    1. Employability & Employment Centre (E2C) - Autism Resource Centre First autism-focused centre that offers services to enable people with autism to perform successfully in the workplace. It also offers services for employers who are interested in hiring people with autism in their companies. E2C’s Programme consist of a 5 stages structured process. E2C assesses the autistic person’s suitability for the programme and based on the assessment, they will be matched to a job suited to their strength and capabilities. Companies matched include: Starbucks, UOB Scan Hub, MOHH and Pathlight School. To find out more: http://www.autism.org.sg/core-services/e2c 2. Employment Development Centres - Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS) The core of MINDS’ adults services is to develop the vocational skills and employability of autistic persons so as to enable them to maximise their potential and fulfil their aspirations Criteria for admission: Individuals with intellectual disability aged 18 years and above Independent in mobility and daily living skills such as toileting, feeding and personal grooming. Must have a minimum attention span of 20 minutes with no tendencies towards aggressive or destructive behaviours. List of EDCs: Idea-Employment Development Centre SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre Woodlands Employment Development Centre Companies matched include: Uniqlo (first retail employer with specialised jobs for intellectually disabled), SIA To find out more: www.minds.org.sg/AdultSvcs.html