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Moderator Ky
Jan 18, 2018

Financial Assistance for Special Education (SPED) Schools


SPED financial assistance scheme (FAS) provides financial assistance to Singapore Citizen children in MOE-funded SPED schools.


Your child is eligible for SPED FAS if:

Gross household income <  $2,500/month


Per capita income < $625/month


The benefits under the scheme include a full waiver of school fees, free school attire and textbooks, subsidies for 7 meals per school week and $120 per annum for travelling to and from school via public transport. 


Click here for more information.


Anyone knows if the FAS is easy to apply for? The benefits under the scheme look good but what if a household's income exceeds the limit by a bit? Are there other financial assistance options besides this scheme?

New Posts
  • Moderator Ky
    Jan 18, 2018

    The Developmental Disability Registry (DDR) Identity (ID) card enables caregivers to receive subsidies for therapy services, assistive equipment and places of interests.  Click here  for more information on how to register for a DDR-ID card and for the list of benefits under the DDR-ID card. Anyone tried the discounts under this card? Is it good? Which discounts are worth applying for?
  • Moderator Ky
    Jan 18, 2018

    SSCC offers subsidies for before and after school care services for students with special needs aged 7 to 18. Students must either be from a mainstream or SPED school.  Subsidies are means tested and provided according to your household’s income per capita. Click here for more information. Any review on this subsidy scheme?
  • Moderator Ky
    Jan 18, 2018

    ICCP provides inclusive child care programmes for children between 2 to 6 with mild to moderate disability. The subsidy scheme available under ICCP is capped at $300 for working mothers and $150 for non-working mothers.  Click here for more information. Has anyone applied for this programme before? Is the subsidy worth it compared to other child care places with no subsidy?