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Amy (Moderator)
Jan 25, 2018


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Do not blame yourself

It is common for parents to blame themselves or each other for their child’s condition. There is no definitive cause for autism. It has nothing to do with what you or your spouse did or did not do for your child.

Plausible causes of autism such as genetics and environmental factors are beyond your control. The best you can do for your child is to decide what to do next.

Get connected

With 1 in 150 children in Singapore having autism, you are certainly not alone.

Apart from professional help from hospitals, schools and therapy centres, it is important to get connected with a community of caregivers who can provide you real-life experience, insider tips and emotional support to alleviate your caregiving stress.

Get educated

Understanding the condition will help you to better understand your child and learn to manage them. Seek information from reliable online resources like this website or established associations in Singapore. As you keep learning, you will feel better equipped to make wise decisions for your child. 

Other ways to get educated is also by reading books, articles and attending events. Volunteer, training or workshop events will help to connect you with professionals and other caregivers who can understand and advice you.

Be kind to yourself

This means caring and being patient with yourself. 

You can best care for yourself when you yourself are well cared for. Know when you need to seek help from professionals or caregivers so that you can better care for yourself and subsequently, your child. You are not in this alone.

Every day presents itself with a new challenge, so be patient with yourself. No child, whether neurotypical or atypical, comes with a manual. Every day is a learning journey in the life of every parent and we know you can do it!

Feb 8, 2018

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    Apr 20, 2018

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    Mar 21, 2018

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