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Feb 2, 2018

Breaking Stress Cycle


Parents, Professionals and Children, face serious challenges managing the STRESS. Children on spectrum or children with developmental challenges go through the same in excessive proportions.


Parents often hear the term like - sensory overload, shut down, behaviourally disturbed etc. from the professionals.

The impact of stress is just not limited to an ASD child in the family, parents too, are highly stressed and along them the whole family is affected.


However, on the other side of the coin,

the Stress is healthy. when children can cope well.


Stress can be acute or chronic and can have serious difficulties in children as well as families. And it has significant impact on the attention, behaviour and performance of the child.


There are many programs towards stress management in the name of -

1. Regulation

2. Self-regulation

3. Stress Management

4. Coping

5. Sensory regulation

6. Emotional Regulation

etc etc

and it's a widely discussed topic all over Singapore.


People learn strategies to cope with the stress, we teach children a lots of' "Do's and Don't", irrespective of their likes or dislikes.


I am opening this section for the parents, professionals, care-givers and any other person who is interested in this and want to share their expertise in this area -

1. offer program

2. parents want to discuss with professionals

3. want to share their experiences with others to help them

4. want to develop a deeper understanding in this subject.

5. and want to coach people who need help

6. Want to discuss the neurology, psychology and physiology of stress



Please come forward, share your experience and how you manage to deal with it.

Help other parents and families by sharing your ideas and that will make an impact on developing a supportive community.





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    Apr 20, 2018

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    Mar 21, 2018

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