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Shelly L.
Feb 12, 2018

Recommended diet??

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my child was recently diagnosed. he's 25 months. i'm trying to adjust his diet now. but i'm fearful that any changes in diet might worsen his condition. i heard gluten isn't good. any tried and tested diets for children with ASD?


understand that it is not a guaranteed thing but would also like to try. thank u so mcuh

Feb 22, 2018

My son is 15 years old now. I've tried many diets since he was 2 year old. Some worked, some didn't. And unfortunately, testing was not accurate for him, so I had to use the good old elimination diet.


Removing Gluten didn't change him, but removing milk/reducing phenols, salicylates, oxlates, made him less cranky and happier. And in the meantime, worked on building the gut, As his gut improved, he gradually tolerated a much wider variety of foods.


The most useful ones for my son, was a combination of Dr Weston Price's diet + Feingold diet + Julie Matthews' approach.


Every child's health issues are different, so trial and error and keeping a daily food/mood/activity log is important, for you to look back and investigate root causes, what helped or triggered him, etc...





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  • Moderator Chan
    Mar 15, 2018

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  • Anne
    Feb 13, 2018

    hihi Parent J and Shelly, im only into gluten free casein free (GFCF) diet about 9 months or so... with my boy of 5 years.. it has been tough and i cant be sure of any significant results (YET).. tough bcoz its expensive... haha and takes some time for my boy to get used to.. like no more horlicks for him (gluten also found in rye, barley,..) which he really loves. you must be sure to read all the labels on packaging. there's alot of things that i missed out when i just started.. eg. soya sauce, pasta sauce, instant mashed potatoes, sweets, etc. must really becareful bcoz the least expected things might contain it like even some potato chips (Pringles!!) has wheat flour in the seasonings. must also watch out for packaged products, for eg you may think rice cereals dont is gluten free but they often contain malt flavourings which is made from barley and contains gluten. so always check, double check, triple check just in case! when you go out and eat, many hawker centre food are out. bcoz many food use sauces like soy sauce, dark soya sauce, etc. must ask if u want to buy but now i always cook and pre pack for him bcoz its easier. for casein, its found in alot of food. milks... biscuits,.. icecream... even lollipops.. i treat him to some homemade sorbet since he cant eat the typical icecream you can find outside. when i first started out i did alot of research bcoz i was never on this diet.. and no one i knew was on this diet either.. here's a website i found to be quite useful for food substitutes: https://www.tacanow.org/family-resources/gfcfsf-ingredients-and-substitutions/ i know it sounds tough but its only the beginning. my son is also allergic to dairy so i had to make sure he only drinks nut milk.. like rice milk. i wanted to give up many times bcoz its soso hard and also cheated many times. but i have heard of some success cases and wanted to try this out to see if itll help him. hes finally getting used to it after 3 months. if u start earlier i think itll be less difficult for ur kid to get used to the food. all the best to your kids! :)
  • Parent J
    Feb 13, 2018

    Hello everyone, it's my first post here and i have questions for parents who started gluten-free diet for their children. Do anyone have any suggestions on how to start? I haven't started but am planning to start it asap.. Any input will be very much appreciated.. Thanks!