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Shelly L.
Feb 12, 2018

what to do to calm a child having a meltdown?


my poor boy cries a lot in public. so nowadays i try not to do so. he's currently 25 months old and when he has a meltdown he just throws stuff and kicks the people around them. what can i do to calm him down? any tips? besides isolating him into a timeout room

Feb 27, 2018

Dear Shelly,

Children tend to get overwhelmed in such an environment. And if they are under the diagnostic label of ASD, it is even more hard for them to cope with stimulation and unpredictability.

If we just work on this two factors - Neuro-Biological (overwhelming stimulation) and unpredictable environment, we certainly can help to reduce the impact of the trigger and facilitate them to stay calm in a safe and secure environment.

There is no one specific strategy which can fit all the time and hence you would need to develop many strategies and ideas to help your son.

Some of them are -

1. Pictures are good way to communicate your intent to the child and make things more predictable for him.

2. Notice the stress factor in his body - muscle tension, irritation, eye movement, breathing, heart beat etc and if he is feeling insecure, help him to feel safe and secure.

3. Stay calm and soft voice, use gentle stroking, and help him to co-regulate with in a safe and secure manner.

4. Work through the relationship.


I can continue to list a lot more things, however, since I do not know your son, it's hard to relate. You can consult a free session with therapist at www.therapy-network.com

hope this helps.



Feb 27, 2018

Shelly you can also view this through the topic "breaking stress cycle" section.

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    Feb 12, 2018

    My son loves to use our ipad to watch shows and play games, he gets angry when we take it away and throws a tantrum. I am just wondering it there are any harmful effects of prolonged usage as it calms him down. Any ideas on these?
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    i have one high functioning daughter with autism but also a son who seems to be in between. son is not able to cope with noisy or group environment like sister. some times concern his crying will stress my daughter out. what can i do to help son get used to group setting?
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