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June's Artist | Leong Tung Seng



“Never underestimate a person of disability”

Leong Tung Seng, 24 years old, is an active young man who has a passion for music, art and sports, and enjoys playing the drums, sketching and cycling. Every Sunday, he looks forward to spending time with his friends in church.


Just by looking at him, no one would have guessed that he is a person with disability. But he was diagnosed with autism when he was just 3 years old. Determined to overcome all odds, Tung Seng’s parents put him through two years of home-based behavioural therapy. It was momentous as it helped Tung Seng to speak and interact with others.


Since young, Tung Seng has a keen interest in art, and likes to draw detailed pictures of drum sets, trains and buildings. His first exhibition was at the International Art Expo in Kuala Lumpur 2007. Two years later, Tung Seng picked up acrylic painting, and he is into it ever since. His paintings are usually buildings with bold and bright colours, which is characteristic of his friendly and extroverted nature.


In 2008, Tung Seng moved to Singapore and enrolled in Northlight School (NLS) and graduated with ISC in MEchanical Servicing in 2010. He went on to pursue a NITEC in Mechanical Technology at the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) from 2011-2012. Working diligently Tung Seng graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a diploma in 3D Interactive Media and Design in 2016. He served National Service from 2016-2018.


Besides having to focus on his studies, Tung Seng continued to attend art classes, and had his art displayed in several art exhibitions: ITE NODE (2012), One Nation Pride @ Parco (2012), Diversity (2012); The Everyday Revolution art exhibition at DBS (2013); the Purple Parade (2015) and Delta Chapter by the Kiwanis Club (2017).


Tung Seng’s story is a powerful testimony that we should not underestimate people with disabilities, for they have special skills and abilities which we do not have.