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About Us

The Collective Voice for Autism in SG.


Autism Matters started out as a youth-community driven project.


Recognising that support for caregivers is extremely important for the mental, emotional and physical health, but yet groups in Singapore are not centralised and official, Autism Matters is hence conceived.


Autism Matters is the first online platform in Singapore that addresses the gap of clusters of such groups — by garnering the support of major autism associations in Singapore, we hope to provide informational and emotional support for the caregivers of persons with autism.


Long story short, Autism Matters is a centralised hub for the caregivers on all matters related to autism. But do not just take our word for it! 


Go on, and explore our forum, where topics range from early intervention to job opportunities as well as enrichment classes; everything for our precious children. Learn and share from fellow caregivers; you are not alone in this journey!


Our forum will be regularly moderated by our subject matter experts to ensure the integrity of the information shared, so rest assured, and discuss away. 


Autism Matters also curates and provides a calendar of events that might be of interest to you as a caregiver. Register with the fellow caregivers you met here on this platform, and engage in meaningful conversation with one another. 


Remember, you never walk alone.

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