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Kevin Lim | Artist with Autism

As a graduate from Singapore Polytechnic, Kevin spends his time drawing up unique illustrations of the Singapore landscape. As a resident artist in at the Mustard Tree, he recently had his design featured in Svenska Handelsbanken Singapore's corporate EZ-link card.

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Building A Kind City for Those with Autism

April is Autism Awareness Month. It is a time when organisations and individuals help to raise awareness about autism among the general population. As designers and architects, how does this affect the work you do? We may not think that we can make a difference, but for a moment, let’s dream a little and believe that design can, and will, make a difference in the lives of those with autism.

Credit: Houzz

2018 World Autism Awareness Day (WAAD)


Focus: "Empowering Women and Girls with Autism"

This year as we celebrate WAAD, let’s ask ourselves how we can empower women and girls with autism and involve them and their representative organizations in policy and decision making to address their present challenges.


Left: Jolie Lim [Artist with Autism]

Mum Shares Challenges And Struggles Of Raising An Autistic Child in Singapore

Congrats to one of our moderators, co-founder of Mustard Tree, Soek Ying for being featured in the Asian Parent! Discover more about her journey with her son Ryan. 

Fundraising for the Future


Trampolene an A*star subsidiary recently started a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the creation of a dedicated autism-friendly centre. A conducive training facility is crucial to help people with autism to transit from school to work environment.

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Leong Tung Seng | Artist with Autism

Leong Tung Seng, 24 years old, is an active young man who has a passion for music, art and sports, and enjoys playing the drums, sketching and cycling. Every Sunday, he looks forward to spending time with his friends in church. His passion is drawing cities and transport.


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